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Introducing Flash


Before we introduce Flash and give you some insight... we wanted to kick off this new series by introducing our old friend Reema Alfouir, who is an amazing writer and works behind the scenes correcting my grammar and explaining to me what words mean. She also crafts all of our blog posts, like this one! Thank you Reema x 

Flash is a Contemporary jewellery label for women who know who they are-and that’s all they need to know. Each collection is a cacophony of compelling, understated pieces characterized by bold textures and expressive shapes in sterling silver, brass, and thick gold plating.

HAZE Pt 2 Campaign - Shot by Rich Gibbins

Designer Nina Gordon’s nimble-finger is a quality she traces back to her tom-boy childhood in Nelson. Gordon remembers the days spent in her father's garage, where they built her 1970 Mk2 GTE Ford Cortina, her pride, and joy to this day. At sixteen Nina’s mother swayed her daughter's innate dexterity to a jewelry-making course which they attended together, adding another hobby to her repertoire. 

Nina in her dad's garage where she use to make all Flash Jewellery.

Like many Kiwi creatives, Gordon found herself in Wellington where she worked at a metal design factory, producing everything from movie props for the Lord of the rings to police wallets and army apparel. With a plethora of factory equipment right at her fingertips, Nina saw an opportunity to bring in her own silversmith creations which she cast in zinc and plated in the same day. To Nina's surprise, The creations received an abundance of purchase requests -and this was the beginning of Flash.

The first ever Flash Jewellery style - The Flash Ring

Since then, FLASH has grown organically to reflect Nina’s own refined style during her move from Wellington to Melbourne and finally Byron Bay. The focus is on creating daring yet elegant pieces that seamlessly slot in to amplify the modern woman's wardrobe while withholding the test of time.

Behind the scenes, Nina and photographer Laura Carrick in Byron Bay Shooting for Flash Jewellery.